Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome to the Nerd Jungle

I was going to do some awesome rehash of Gun 'n' Roses lyrics, but my creativity totally just took a walk. ANYWAY.

Junior Nerd here (or N.I.T.) with a report from NERD HQ... things are looking good. Head Nerd Karen has some most excellent updates in the shop. And there are always more on the way.

We are working on more designs almost daily. I am going to give you a TINY hint... robots. It's a topic we have never dealt with as nerds, but something that is very much near and dear to our hearts.

We also have some awesome new book clutch designs coming soon, and some new and witty pouch designs. Huzzah!

Now I am going to take a brief moment to discuss a shop I just found (like less than a minute ago) but heart FOREVER!

Zygopsyche Oh what glorious mounds of cute fluffy plushness. I have a yearning (and/or burning) desire to swim in a pool filled with the delicious puffballs. With a lot of sales and excellent feedback I know I will be purchasing from this shop soon. Probably a momma sized guinea and a bunch of baby sized ones. My own guinea family. Love!

And now I will leave you with Womby the Sauntering Wombat

*saunter saunter*